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EDGE Core Teacher

Empower learners of all ages in 

Asia Pacific while teaching English part-time!

Standard ESL Tutor |
Asia Pacific
EDGE Plus Teacher

Unlock a satisfying career empowering adult learners from diverse backgrounds while enjoying a multitude of benefits.

Premium ESL Tutor |
EDGE Premium Teacher

Embark on a rewarding journey working part-time, guiding students of all ages.

Standard ESL Tutor |

Dive into the world of numbers and equations as a full-time math tutor extraordinaire.

ESL Math Tutor |
Asia Pacific

Empower young minds to conquer numbers and them into their greatest ally.

ESL Math Tutor |
North America 

Spark mathematical brilliance in kids and teens making learning math fun and exciting.

ESL Math Tutor |


Possible Schedule:

12 am - 4 am & 7 am - 11am

PHP 17,000 per month

Students: Kids and Teens

Part-time / Full-time

Possible Schedule: 

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

PHP 140 per hour

Students: Adults


Possible Schedule:
10:00 pm - 4:00 am

PHP 200 per hour

Students: Children


Possible Schedule:

Between 1:00 am - 9:00 pm

PHP 17,000 (Guranteed Pay) 

Students: Children and Teens


Fixed Schedule:

4:00 am - 12:00 nn

PHP 40,000 - PHP 60, 000 per month

Students: Children and Teens


Fixed Schedule:

12:00 nn - 9:00 pm

PHP 31,400 - PHP 60,000 per month

Students: Children

Why Work at Edge

Stable earnings

Earn above-market rates for teaching Math and English online with perks and incentives to boost your income while helping students achieve their learning goals.

World-class training

Gain certification in globally recognized teaching methodologies and techniques, acquiring the skills and knowledge essential for excelling in your teaching career.

Remote work opportunities

Enjoy the convenience of working from the comfort of your own home, with the flexibility to manage your schedule and teach from anywhere.

Private Tutor Requirements

Video sample of world class EDGE Tutor lesson
  • ESL tutors for young learners

  • ESL tutors for adults

  • Math tutors for K-6

We are looking for Filipino

  • University-educated

  • TESOL/TEFL certified

  • Minimum 1 year experience (advantage)

  • Windows

    • i5 processor or above​

    • 8GB RAM

    • HD webcam

    • Noise cancelling headset

Who are…

The Application Process

Here's what to expect when you apply at Edge Tutor

Happy EDGE Tutors as outsourcing solutions
Step 4

Pre-Service Orientation

Congratulations on passing the initial stages! Now, we'll guide you through our pre-service orientation. During this step, you will need to submit the following essential documents:


  • Diploma

  • NBI/Police Clearance

  • TESOL/TEFL certification

  • Valid ID (preferably a passport, PRC, voter ID, or UMID)

Step 5

Equipment Check

Embark on your journey with EDGE through our specialized Teacher Training program!


  • For Math Tutor Applicants: A one-day training session is required.

  • For ESL Applicants: We have a comprehensive two-day training program scheduled. On the first day, we focus on Kids Training, and the second day is dedicated to Adult Training.

Step 6


The final step! We'll conduct a final tech check and ensure you've met all the tutor requirements. Get ready to join the Edge Tutor Community!

For those who don't make it past the screening, don't worry. You're welcome to reapply after a cool-off period of 6 months. If you've encountered tech challenges, feel free to try again once you've got the necessary equipment.

Step 1
Step 1

Fill Out the Application Form

Begin your journey with us by filling out our application form! We're excited to learn more about you and your tutoring expertise.

Step 2
Step 2

Initial Screening

We want to get to know you better! This stage involves a review of your CV and a technical check. It's all about making sure you're set up for success.

Step 3
Step 3

Initial Interview and Live Demo

This step is where the magic happens! We'll evaluate your communication skills, professionalism, commitment, flexibility, and see a brief live teaching demo.

"We are looking for passionate tutors who want to provide quality educational experiences for learners of all ages around the world"

Henry Motte-Muñoz

CEO and Founder

Meet Our Filipino Teacher Community

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What Our Filipino Teachers Say

Strip Background.png
What Our Teachers Say
Teacher Maria

"I find it incredibly great to work with an excellent company that allows me to teach and grow. This is a 5-star company for me simply because it helps me develop my skills through paid training and assists me with its reliable support system."

Teacher Maria

Teacher Madisson

"Edge is a company that offers diverse professional experience. I'm not just a tutor who teaches students. I was given a chance to help new teachers on how to be an effective facilitator by sharing the knowledge I learned through numerous trainings."

Teacher Madisson

"Respect is always visible. Now, EDGE is growing rapidly. EDGE helps me grow as well."

Teacher Phil

You can make a meaningful difference in the lives
of international students.

  • Why do FAQs matter?
    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about your business like "Where do you ship to?", "What are your opening hours?", or "How can I book a service?".
  • Where can I add my FAQs?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • Do you offer career advancement?
    We are committed to fostering professional growth and development among our teachers. We believe in providing our team members ample opportunities to advance their careers and achieve their goals.
  • Is the training paid?
    We value continuous professional development. Our tailored training programs, including onboarding and upskilling training, are compensated.
  • Can I apply as an ESL teacher without prior experience?
    On average, Edge Tutors have several years of online teaching experience. We give opportunities to those who have a Bachelor's degree in Education or informal teaching experience. Your knowledge of English or Math will be a significant factor in your application.
  • Do you use a booking system?
    Yes, we offer a user-friendly booking system that allows you to schedule and manage your lessons. Additionally, we have a fixed schedule system for project-based teachers.
  • What kind of students do you cater to?
    Our students are from Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America. Our students' age ranges from 4–60 years old.
  • Do you have rates for different teacher levels?
    Edge Tutor categorizes tutors based on their performance within our platform and programs. Rates may be adjusted upon joining a Fixed Schedule team or upon promotion to a higher tutor rank.
  • How often do teachers get paid?
    Edge Tutors receive their payments on the 30th of each month. For instance, if your first lesson is on May 1st, you will receive payment for lessons conducted from the 1st onwards on the 30th.
  • Do you provide training?
    Yes, we prioritize the growth of our teachers. We offer extensive training programs to equip our teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge for success.
  • How are payments disbursed?
    For efficient payment processing, tutors are requested to provide their bank account or GCash details.
  • Do you accept Filipino applicants living outside the Philippines?
    Yes, Edge Tutor is a global company providing 24/7 lessons to partners worldwide. As part of our mission to cultivate world-class Filipino teaching talent, we warmly welcome applicants situated in various time zones. There are no variations in rates for Edge Tutor across different regions.
  • What device specs do you accept?
    Device Requirements: I5 processor or more (laptop preferred) Internet speed of at least 25mbps Backup internet 8GB RAM HD Webcam Noise-canceling headset
  • Can I apply as a part-time tutor?
    Yes, we do offer part-time positions with flexible schedule; however, priority is given to candidates available for a minimum of 40 hours per week.
  • What qualifications are expected?
    Our standard qualifications are the following: Hold a university degree Minimum 1 year of ESL experience (an advantage) Maintain a neutral accent Possess TESOL/TEFL certification Be able to commit to a set schedule
  • What's the estimated monthly salary of an online teacher at Edge Tutor?
    Your potential earnings are determined by the schedule you choose: A) Flexible schedule rates range from Php 140 to Php 250 per hour. B) Fixed schedule rates range from Php 20,000 to Php 50,000 per month.
  • How do I add a new question & answer?
    To add a new FAQ follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Add a new question & answer 3. Assign your FAQ to a category 4. Save and publish. You can always come back and edit your FAQs.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • Can I insert an image, video, or GIF in my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Create a new FAQ or edit an existing one 3. From the answer text box click on the video, image or GIF icon 4. Add media from your library and save.

Frequently asked questions

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