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EDGE Tutor: Echelon X Top 100 Growth Startups

EDGE Tutor: Echelon X Top 100 Growth Startups

Echelon, the premier tech conference in Southeast Asia, has revealed the startups chosen for its esteemed TOP100 Program 2024. Among these organizations is EDGE Tutor International, a notable presence in the global online tutoring industry, headquartered in the Philippines.

EDGE Tutor International is transforming online education by offering top-quality tutoring at significantly reduced costs—up to 30-60% less than traditional services. This innovative approach empowers licensed teachers in emerging markets, not only improving educational outcomes but also uplifting the economic status and quality of life for educators. Their tech-driven platform encourages global collaboration, focusing on proven methods to deliver enjoyable learning experiences.

The Top 100 Growth Startups will be featured at the upcoming Echelon X on 15-16 May 2024 at Singapore EXPO. These selected startups will participate starting March, gaining access to exclusive events, mentorship, and investment opportunities. Additionally, they will showcase their innovations at the event. Be part of the event by securing your tickets here.

Echelon serves as a nexus for startups, investors, and industry leaders to address challenges and shape the future of Asia. Established in 2007, e27 supports entrepreneurs in building successful companies in Asia’s dynamic tech landscape.

EDGE Tutor International's participation in Echelon’s TOP100 underscores its potential to drive meaningful change and collaboration in the global education sector.

Don't miss this chance to be part of the education revolution with EDGE Tutor International. Apply now and together, let’s redefine the future of education!


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