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EDGE Tutor Goes Global: Malaysia

Updated: Jan 26

EDGE Tutor Goes To: Malaysia

Since July 2023, we've proudly expanded EDGE Tutor's educational support to Malaysia, taking an exciting step forward in our dedication to providing exceptional learning assistance. Our aim remains steadfast—to assist K-12 students and adults seeking to enhance their English skills as a Second Language (ESL). Our team comprises highly qualified tutors wholeheartedly committed to offering tailored and outstanding guidance to learners of all ages.

At EDGE Tutor, we prioritize fundamental subjects like Math and English. We strongly believe that proficiency in these areas forms a sturdy foundation for learning. By ensuring students feel confident in these core subjects, our goal is to empower them to excel in their studies.

What sets us apart at EDGE Tutor is our approach to using technology. We've crafted online lessons uniquely tailored to each student. These lessons are interactive and thoughtfully designed to make learning not just effective but also enjoyable.


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