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EDGE Tutor’s Teacher Support Program

Updated: Mar 25

Teacher Community: EDGE Tutor’s Teacher Support Program

At EDGE Tutor International, our primary focus lies in supporting our online educators by equipping them with the essential tools required for effective remote teaching. This includes subsidizing tutors' devices, aiming to ensure that every EDGE Tutor has the necessary resources for seamless connectivity in teaching, adeptly managing disruptions such as power outages and internet issues

Benefits of the Tutor Support Program

Understanding the challenges educators face in acquiring essential equipment, EDGE Tutor offers a practical solution through a financial installment plan. This ensures access to necessary tools without upfront costs, removing immediate financial strain for the teachers and enabling them to focus on delivering excellent education, even from home. 

The Teacher Support Program has significantly enhanced the teaching set up of our EDGE Tutors. Teachers stationed in different regions across the Philippines are equipped with essential power backup systems to ensure uninterrupted teaching sessions, particularly in areas prone to power outages. 

Teacher Community: EDGE Tutor’s Teacher Support Program

Upon successful activation, teachers become eligible for a training incentive and the opportunity to acquire backup power solutions. This initiative aims to empower all educators to sustain quality education delivery, irrespective of their resources, ensuring minimal disruptions.

Empowering Educators through Seamless Support

At EDGE Tutor International, the Teacher Support Program reflects dedication to seamlessly providing assistance for educators. By offering essential devices, teachers are empowered for successful remote teaching. 

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