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EDGE Tutor: Top 50 EdTech companies in Southeast Asia by Holon IQ

Updated: Jan 26

EdTech Innovation in Southeast Asia: Holon IQ's Recognized Achievements

We're excited to share that Edge Tutor International has been honored as one of the Top 50 EdTech companies in Southeast Asia by Holon IQ. This recognition underscores our commitment to showcasing Filipino teachers and educators globally, ensuring personalized learning for students, better income for teachers, and improved profitability for tutoring companies worldwide.

Holon IQ is known for recognizing innovative startups in education technology across the region. Their evaluation process combines data insights and expert assessments to highlight the most promising ventures in EdTech.

This year's selection indicates the growth in EdTech, particularly in language learning and workforce training. Tutoring, test preparation, tech bootcamps, and upskilling programs have seen significant advancements. Additionally, management systems focusing on education financing and learning environments have emerged, showcasing innovative solutions from Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. This recognition reaffirms our commitment at Edge Tutor International to lead in EdTech innovation. Join us as we continue elevate Filipino educators globally, offering personalized learning and better opportunities for teachers and students worldwide.


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