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EDGE Tutor Story: Teacher Charen

Updated: Feb 21

EDGE Tutor Story: Teacher Charen

Meet Teacher Charen, a shining example of the positive impact of career growth at EDGE Tutor International. Her journey from a tutor to a trainer with EDGE Tutor showcases the exciting possibilities that come with choosing the right company and investing in professional development.

Career growth extends beyond climbing the corporate ladder; it's a journey of personal and professional development, providing opportunities to improve skills, broaden knowledge, and take on new challenges. As individuals progress in their careers, they become more valuable contributors to their organizations and experience increased job satisfaction.

Charen's dedication to education spans over a decade. In 2007, while still a college student, she began tutoring Korean college students from her university. Seeking additional funds for her studies, she seized the opportunity to undergo ESL teacher training, leading her into the world of online tutoring. This decision not only provided financial support but also paved the way for a fulfilling ESL teaching journey.

Over the years, Charen's motivation to stay dedicated to education, even during challenging times, stems from witnessing her students succeed in their goals and observing the improvements they make under her guidance. 

Throughout her teaching career, Charen acknowledges the influence of her co-teachers from various ESL schools. Learning teaching strategies, pronunciation, and grammar skills from these mentors shaped her approach and contributed to her growth as an educator. In sharing creative teaching hacks, Charen emphasizes the importance of building rapport with students. Additionally, she recommends reading diverse materials to stay informed, enhancing communication with a wide range of people.

EDGE Tutor Story: Teacher Charen

Reflecting on a heartwarming teaching memory, Charen recounts an experience with a young student who initially attended class with no intention to engage. Through persistence, smiles, and employing teaching techniques like TPR and voice variation, Charen succeeded in making the student smile and participate actively.

Charen's journey as an EDGE Tutor includes notable milestones: representing EDGE in a Singapore teach-and-travel project, training public school teachers in Phonics, and mentoring new teachers. These achievements demonstrate her growth within the EDGE Tutor community.

A unique perk of Charen's EDGE Tutor experience was a memorable trip to Singapore, showcasing the company's commitment to recognizing and appreciating educators' contributions with enriching experiences.

Teacher Charen's inspiring progression from a tutor to a trainer highlights the transformative impact of career growth. Her story underscores the value of continuous learning, development, and the fulfillment that comes with reaching new heights. As you consider your professional path, remember that career growth with EDGE Tutor is not just about titles; it's about a journey of personal and professional fulfillment.


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