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EDGE Tutor Story: Teacher Juman

Updated: Jan 26

EDGE Tutor Story: Teacher Juman

One great thing about ESL tutoring is the flexibility it provides. Teachers, like Juman, appreciate being able to work from home, creating a comfy workspace tailored to their needs. This not only allows for a more personal and education-focused approach but also eliminates the daily commute, promoting a healthier work-life balance.

Juman has been an ESL teacher for almost four years, a role he didn't initially see for himself. Originally aiming for an office job, COVID-19 changed his path from a call center agent to an ESL tutor. While not his first choice, Juman is thankful for the unexpected turn, recognizing the significant growth it brought him personally and professionally.

EDGE Tutor Story: Teacher Juman

His motivation during challenging times comes from his students. Caring for their progress and feeling their appreciation fuels Juman's dedication. This internal reward keeps him going even when faced with obstacles.

Miss Jayrie, Juman's mentor, played a crucial role in his teaching journey. Her kindness and belief in his potential transformed him from a shy individual to someone who understands the impact of small acts of help. This lesson of generosity and encouragement influences his teaching style. Juman's teaching hack is simple yet effective—attentive listening. Responding to students' needs stems from understanding, reflecting his commitment to personalized education.

Reflecting on a heartwarming classroom moment, Juman recalls a student expressing affection with phrases like "I like you" or "I love you, teacher." Such instances highlight the positive impact educators can have on their students. Juman's secret to creating a welcoming and warm learning environment is simple but profound. He ensures that his mind isn't preoccupied when starting his first shift, emphasizing the significance of a focused and positive mindset.

Also, Juman learned the invaluable lesson that being reliable is crucial. While he initially believed he had acquired all necessary skills as an ESL tutor, working with EDGE significantly improved him, shaping him into a reliable online ESL teacher.

A touching story in Juman's journey involves a shy student named Ben. Initially reserved, Ben began trusting Juman and actively choosing him as his tutor. This trust became Juman's responsibility, motivating him to provide quality education to Ben and reinforcing his belief that the journey to learning English should never cease. 

Teacher Juman found more than just a teaching platform with EDGE; he discovered a community that values growth and collaboration. Joining EDGE opens doors to professional development opportunities, collaborative projects, and a network of like-minded educators. 

If Teacher Juman's story resonates with your aspirations, it's time to carve your own ESL success story with EDGE.


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