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How This EDTECH Leader Provides Equitable Education To Over 20 Countries in Asia and Beyond

Updated: Jan 26

Henry Motte-Muñoz’s Edge Tutor International provides highly skilled teachers to Asia, Europe and the Americas. Edtech leader Henry Motte-Muñoz builds on his mission of providing equitable access to education, with his online tutoring service Edge Tutor now available in more than 20 countries.

Once under the learning platform, the service now expands its reach to Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas as Edge Tutor International. The new entity trains professional educators who can provide support to tutoring businesses around the world. For clients, Edge Tutor can hire, train and manage on-demand or full-service teaching talent.

To identify its pool of top-notch teachers, Edge Tutor follows a rigorous screening process—according to the company, only three per cent of applicants are accepted—and implements a training program that follows evidence-based methodology and strategies for online teaching. Currently, the learning firm has trained over 1,000 licensed teachers to become ESL or Math tutors, business English trainers, curriculum developers, academic trainers and tech and lesson support.

“Helping learners achieve their full potential through education has always been our vision,” said Edge Tutor CEO Motte-Muñoz in a statement. “Edge Tutor supplements the learning that has provided for almost a decade now, and we are excited to build this community of educators together.”

The new education venture is on a path of success, with revenues rising by 50 per cent in the first quarter of 2023, and its teacher community growing by 162 per cent. Edge Tutor has also recently launched its English tutoring service in Spain.


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