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Teacher Jilian: Celebrating Our Passionate Dreamer!

Teacher Jilian: Celebrating Our Passionate Dreamer!

In celebration of Women's Month, we're excited to share the uplifting story of Teacher Jilian, a member of the EDGE Tutor International family. Her journey highlights how women can manage the responsibilities of both motherhood and work with grace and determination.

Teacher Jilian's decision to join EDGE Tutor was all about finding the right balance between caring for her child and continuing her career in teaching. Welcoming her baby into the world was a huge moment, but she was determined to keep pursuing her passion for education.

At EDGE Tutor, Teacher Jilian found the perfect mix of flexibility and support. The company understood that moms like her needed schedules that could adapt to their family needs. This flexibility has been a real game-changer, allowing her to be there for her family while still teaching.

Teacher Jilian also loves how supportive everyone at EDGE Tutor is. If she ever needs to adjust her schedule, the team is always ready to help. It's like having a group of friends cheering her on in her career journey.

Besides the emotional support, Teacher Jilian appreciates the practical perks of working with EDGE Tutor. "Getting health benefits as a tutor really shows how much they care about us," she says. Knowing that her well-being is taken care of gives her peace of mind.

And the training opportunities at EDGE Tutor? Teacher Jilian thinks they're fantastic. "The training helps me improve as a teacher, and I even get paid for it," she explains. It's great to work for a company that invests in its employees' growth.

Teacher Jilian's journey at EDGE Tutor International shows that with the right support and flexibility, women can excel both at home and in their careers. Her story is a reminder that finding balance is possible, and it's worth striving for.

As we celebrate Women's Month, let Teacher Jilian's story inspire you to chase your dreams while embracing the joys of family life. Join us at EDGE Tutor International and discover how you can find your own balance!


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