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Teacher Community: Highlights from Referral Promos at EDGE Tutor!

Teacher Community: Highlights from Referral Promos at EDGE Tutor!

We're thrilled to share a little journey back in time with you, reminiscing about the fantastic moments during our recent Referral Promo at EDGE Tutor International. Our dynamic teacher community truly shone, bringing enthusiasm and joy as they referred to outstanding Math and ESL leads and had the chance to snag some awesome prizes!

Let's break it down:

Promo Buzz:

Our recent referral promo was a blast, lasting several exciting weeks. The mission was clear – refer to outstanding Math and ESL leads to EDGE and stand a chance to win some incredible prizes. The buzz among our tutors was contagious, and everyone was eager to be part of the fun!

And the Winners Are:

The exciting moment we've all been waiting for is here – it's time to reveal our incredible winners! JBR SERVICES from the EDGE Hub managed to secure a nifty Portable Power Station/Back-Up Battery. They're genuinely excited and want to share their testimonial:

“Thank you so much, EDGE Tutor International, for the referral incentives. Winning a raffle prize is truly rewarding for us at Edge Hub! We're grateful for the chance to share job opportunities with others. It's an ongoing career journey where tutors can grow and explore different paths, leveling up along the way.”

Undoubtedly, the joy of receiving such a valuable prize is unmatched. It's a testament to the rewards that come with being a part of the teacher community at EDGE Tutor International.

Teacher Community: Highlights from Referral Promos at EDGE Tutor!

Now, let's turn the spotlight to Teacher Macey who has every reason to celebrate. She won a Mini Portable Power Station/Back-Up Battery, a crucial addition for educators like her. As she joyfully expressed,

"Receiving the EDGE Grand Raffle Prize brought tears to my eyes. As an ESL teacher, having all the essential peripherals for online teaching is crucial. The portable generator is a game-changer, ensuring uninterrupted virtual classes without the worry of penalties."

Teacher Community: Highlights from Referral Promos at EDGE Tutor!

Last but not least, a big round of applause for Teacher Aubrey, who walked away with a shiny new Laptop Power Bank. A Powerbank is a must-have in today's world, ensuring you stay connected and powered up while on the move. With this sleek and efficient device, Aubrey is well-prepared to tackle any low-battery situation with ease and style. As she shared,

"I was thrilled to receive the power bank as a prize in the EDGE Grand Raffle. It's very exciting for me to refer more, knowing there are great prizes up for grabs. Thank you for organizing the raffle and providing opportunities for prizes. It adds excitement and motivation to refer more."

Teacher Community: Highlights from Referral Promos at EDGE Tutor!

Each winner's unique prize not only reflects their luck in the draw but also their dedication and contribution to our growing community. As we cheer for JBR SERVICES, Teacher Macey, and Teacher Aubrey, it's a reminder that every referral and every teacher plays a crucial role in making EDGE Tutor International an outstanding learning space.

Let this be an inspiration for all our EDGE Tutors – your hard work and commitment don't go unnoticed. While we celebrate our recent winners, we're eagerly looking forward to more chances for our teacher community to shine and be recognized for their continuous dedication to providing quality education. Stay tuned for future promotions, and who knows, you could be the next name in our winner's circle!

A Big Thank You!

Looking back, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each EDGE Tutor who jumped into the referral promo action. Your dedication and enthusiasm played a massive role in making this event a success and a memorable experience for our entire community.

Ready to Dive In?

Activate your referral link now, EDGE Tutors! If you haven't done so, please reach out to our team managers to activate your referral account. And for those who are not yet part of EDGE Tutor, join us now!


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