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EDGEventure Day at National Museum

Updated: Jan 26

Teacher Community Blog: Exploring EDGEventure at the National Museum

On October 31, 2023, an EDGEventure took place at the National Museum, providing a remarkable experience for the math and business English tutors. It united them for a day brimming with adventure, appreciation, and genuine connections, something they hadn’t experienced before while solely interacting online.

As the tutors entered the museum, it wasn’t just a casual stroll through history. It became an immersive journey, bringing the pages of textbooks to life. Each exhibit served as a window into the past, offering a deeper understanding of the country's heritage and history.

However, what truly made the day memorable was the chance for these educators to meet face-to-face. Those whose interactions had been confined to screens finally had the opportunity to exchange smiles, stories, and establish genuine connections. Cameras clicked incessantly, capturing these cherished moments of meeting in person for the first time.

Group photo: Teacher Community Blog: EDGEventure - National Museum

The presence of CEO, Henry added an extra layer of significance to the day. His decision to join and engage with the educators showcased his genuine commitment to the community.

Following the enriching museum tour, the day continued with a delightful lunch at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant. Amidst the historical ambiance, educators bonded over shared experiences and engaged in heartfelt conversations that transcended the digital realm.

Dining: Teacher Community Blog: EDGEventure - National Museum

Henry’s heartfelt speech during the event was a highlight. He expressed gratitude for the educators' dedication in shaping young minds. The ceremony, which honored outstanding contributions through awards and certificates, filled the room with applause, celebrating the remarkable work done by these educators.

EDGE Merch: Teacher Community Blog: EDGEventure - National Museum

This EDGEventure brought the tutors closer together and created shared experiences. Join us now and become a part of our next EDGEventure. Your presence will contribute to the magic, creating memorable moments that we'll cherish together.


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